State Age & Open SC Champs

With our cheer squad in full force we had a great 4 days of racing at the Swimming WA State Age and Open Short Course states. Some races were so close that the stands literally felt like they would collapse there was so much noise! We had an astounding PB rate of 78%. Thanks to all the cheering every swimmer was able to step up and take time off their swims (thanks Will Cawood, Callum Eastwood and Jordan Campbell for dressing up almost every day and screaming at the top of your lungs, so much so you made yourselves sick!)

Well done to the team who competed including; Hayley Antill, Jessica Antill, Taylor Campbell, Lily Cawood, Jessica Colligan, Kelsey Eastwood, Lachlan Joyce, Rielly Joyce, Aaron Lovelock, Georgia Marshall, Jason Martin, Liam Minotti, Liam Smith and Olivia Smith.

A special mention goes to Jessica Antill, Taylor Campbell, Kelsey Eastwood and Georgia Marshall, and Liam Smith who all won medals.

Go Swan Hills!

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