Open water weekend

For the first time in several years Swan Hills Swimming Club had swimmers competing in an Open Water event. Four swimmers headed down to Rockingham for an early and rather cool start at 8am. With several delays they didn’t hit the water until 9.15, but that didn’t appear to make the water any warmer!

The swim was a little daunting at the start but all four swimmers overcame early jitters and settled into a solid pace. Although there is plenty to learn for our pool swimmers, it was still an exceptional first effort. All came out proud of their efforts, and even more proud that they competed in a tough 5km swim. Well done to Taylor Campbell, Beth Fuller, Will Scott and Jordan Thyer.

The next Open Water swim is at Mullaloo on the 13th November – anyone 11 and over is strongly advised to get in and have a go at any of the distances, 1.25/2.5/5km (event info). If anyone wants to come down to take photos then let us know – as usual Will forgot his camera so didn’t get a single happy snap for the site!


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