Welcome to Swan Hills!

For All Membership Enquiries Please Contact Us via Email

 Types of Membership

Whether you want to swim for fitness and fun, or at a more competitive level, we have a range of membership to suit.

Competitive Memberships

In order to swim competitively at meets sanctioned by y Swimming WA (SWA) and Swimming Australia (SAL), you must be a member of a swimming club. The programme at Swan Hills are designed to move a swimmer from the swim school at Swan Park into our squads and progress through the competitive ranks to state and national levels.

The Club holds club nights every month and a range of targeted meets throughout the course of both short course and long course seasons to facilitate a competitive experience for their swimmers.

Non-Competitive Memberships

Swimmers join our programme with other sporting aspirations; ie water polo, surf club, triathlon, or simply for fitness. These swimmers may choose a non-competitive membership (for a lower fee than a competitive membership). This membership allows a swimmer to take part in all club activities including racing at club nights, without swimming at SWA meets.

To Join the Club

Membership of the Club is open to any swimmer who meets the requirements to join our squads. To join the squads, please contact the club to arrange an initial assessment.

Club Membership Registration

Swan Hills requires each family, with a swimmer under the age of 18, to have a parent or adult member register as a Non-Swimming member. This membership is free, and may be completed online.
Please note: Membership fees are separate to monthly squad coaching fees. Coaching fees are payable to Swan Park.  

Conditions of Membership

As the success of the club is dependent on its members to participating fully in club activities, there is an expectation that all members will from time to time assist in:

  • time-keeping duties allocated to the Club at Swimming WA events
  • participation in Club nights/days duties and
  • official club functions and fundraising activities

From time to time, the Swan Hills will publish appropriate photographs of and information about members in relation to swimming events and Club activities in Club newsletters and on the Club website/noticeboards. Please contact us if you do not wish to have your photographs or information published in this manner.

To continue to join the club, please click here for Membership Registration