The Swan Hills Swimming Club chooses the City of Swan as its coaching provider. The squads cater for individuals from beginner to elite. Coaches are nationally accredited and strive to provide the best possible services to all swimmers involved in the squad program. All squad times, rules and fees are decided upon by the city. All squad enquiries should be directed towards the Coaching staff and Swan Park Leisure Centre management. Swan Park Leisure Centre can be contacted on 9250 2120 or swanpark[AT]

Free assessments can be organised any weekday afternoon from 3.30-3.45 to help new swimmers decide what squad is best suited to them.

General Information for Squads


It is the swimmers responsibility to ensure that they arrive prepared and in a fit state to train. Injuries, illnesses, medication and other relative information should be reported to the coach prior to the start of training.


Swimmers are required to provide their own training equipment which typically includes a pair of goggles, swim cap, fins, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, water bottle and net bag. This equipment may be stored in the equipment cage outside the club room. Please ensure that all training equipment is CLEARLY NAMED. As you progress through the squads, the coach will advise you if you require additional equipment specific to your needs.


Starting on time is important as it allows the coach to fully explain the session to the whole group and increases the time the coach can spend providing feedback and stroke correction. Please ensure you are ready for the start of each session and inform the coach if you are going to be late or absent from a session.

Coach Contact

Parents are not to be on pool deck during training sessions as this can be distracting to the coach and swimmers. Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch sessions from the spectator area, however, it is recommended that you do not attend every session to allow the swimmer to become more independent and responsible for their training. If you would like to discuss individual concerns or issues with your coach, please do so before or after the session. You may also contact the Head Swimming Coach, Wendy Joyce via email If the coach is unavailable, please leave a message and you will be contacted as  early as possible.

Competitive Swimming

Swan Park Leisure Centre provides the professional coaching services for the Squad Swimming Programme. Swan Hills Swimming Club is the competitive swimming club attached to Swan Park Leisure Centre. All State/National Squad swimmers must be members of Swan Hills Swimming Club and are required to swim at club nights, club championships, and targeted meets.

Club Uniforms and Swimming Caps

Members of Swan Hills Swimming Club are encouraged to wear their club uniforms and swimming caps (club colour) at training and swim meets. A full list of uniform items and prices are available from the uniforms coordinator.