Swan Hills Swimming Club is a non-profit, self-funded, family and community based sporting club, affiliated with Swimming WA.

The Club is managed by a dedicated group of volunteer members including the Committee, a supportive team of parents, coaches, officials, plus recreational and competitive swimmers.

Swan Hills Swimming Club Inc was formed when Swan Park Recreation & Leisure Centre commenced operations in 1985. With support from the City of Swan, our community club room was established in the new indoor aquatic facility located at Gray Drive in Midvale. Swan Hills attracts members from Perth metropolitan and north-eastern districts, including the Swan Valley, Hills, Darling Range and country areas. In 2010 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary.

Since inception, the Club has been an incubator for much aquatic talent, including state, national and internationally known swimmers and Para Olympians. Our aim is to continue this proud tradition of nurturing and developing new talent. Over the last two decades Swan Hills has consistently held top ten club ranking in Western Australia.

The Club’s team culture and strength is in part, due to a commitment to embrace diversity, and encourage swimmers from a young age, at all skill levels, through to personal best performances in their chosen endeavors.

Many well known swimming identities have spent time lapping the lanes as members with Swan Hills Swimming Club. Their numerous achievements include; State Age and Open Champions, State Record holders, National Relay medalists, World Cup Competitors, WAIS Scholarship swimmers, State & National Open Water Champions, State and National Royal Lifesaving Champions, Australian Record Holders, Australian Representatives at the Commonwealth Games, Australian Institute of Sport Scholarships, University Scholarships in the USA, Telstra Dolphins Squad and Para Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze medalists.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Swan Hills Swimming Club or are thinking of joining the club feel free to email or come down to the club room located at Swan Park Leisure Centre, Gray Drive, Midvale.